Updated: 4/6/2015

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Check out these 10 Colorado must-eats and let us know if you uncover something else that you think we’ve left off the list at editor@colorado.com.

1. Bingo and Goat Hill burgers at Bingo Burger in Pueblo
Anytime you eat in Pueblo, you’re likely to detect the famous Pueblo chile in your dish, and the Bingo Burger is no exception with flavorful chiles blended right in with the beef. But it’s got tough competition with the Goat Hill burger, which is made with juicy Colorado lamb, goat cheese, mushrooms and, for an extra kick, some lemon-rosemary aioli.

Elk osso buco at The Living Farm Inn in Paonia, Colorado
Gosar Sausages at Pagosa Brewing Company

2. Tamales at Linda’s Local Food Cafe in Durango
At Linda’s, they take all of the steps (some are painstaking) to make sure the cafe goes local and supports Colorado farmers and ranchers. The menu is always changing depending on seasonal produce, but the tamales are famously delicious. We recommend the corn and zucchini tamale for a sure-fire win. 

3. Watermelon juice at the Boulder Farmers’ Market
The Pressery serves fresh-squeezed, and we mean fresh, veggie and fruit juices at Boulder’s Farmers’ Market that are divinely refreshing for weary shoppers. The regionally sourced watermelon is jam packed with hydrating electrolytes (perfect for Colorado’s high altitude) and some surprising health benefits you and your prostate will appreciate. View listings for farms, orchards and farmers’ markets in Colorado >> 

4. Wild Mountain Sage Bitters at DRAM Apothecary in Silver Plume
Besides the cool factor of setting up shop in a ghost town, this distinctive joint in the historic silver-mining town of Silver Plume along I-70 forages their own herbs for effective teas and bitters. Visit the tasting room and try the Wild Mountain Sage Bitters, earthy bitters with a hint of citrus for flavoring beverages and baked goods.

5. Hwy. 50 melons
Some of the best memories from family road trips include impromptu pit stops at small fruit stands. While traversing Colorado’s eastern plains near Rocky Ford, keep your eye out for melon stands along Hwy. 50, which pepper the highway starting in La Junta and heading west to Pueblo. The juicy sweetness from the cantaloupe and honeydews along this swath of countryside provides a refreshing respite indicative of the area’s agriculture. 

6. Palisade peach Caprese salad at 626 on Rood in Grand Junction
Palisade is peach country, and you’ll find fare all over the region utilizing this tender fruit. For a truly explosive dish, try the peach Caprese salad at 626 on Rood. The peaches are decorated with a (get ready for this) mint-basil and smoked-paprika-reposado tequila (aged in a wooden barrel) sauce and fresh basil. It’s a must-taste twist on the typical Caprese salad for sure!

7. Elk osso buco from the Living Farm Inn in Paonia
Traditional osso buco is an Italian dish of veal steeped in vegetables, white wine and broth. But to taste osso buco with elk at a farm-to-table cafe is a delicious mouthful. The tenderness of the elk provides sensory overload and the complementing textures of the risotto, kale and onion straws will certainly satisfy your appetite.

8. Rosemary grilled buffalo at Laughing Ladies in Salida
Buffalo is a Colorado staple, with a lean, moist and flavorful profile. Pair it with thick polenta, fried onions and poblano chili pesto butter and you’ve got a recipe for a one-of-a-kind Colorado dish at the Laughing Ladies, a neighborhood favorite in Salida.  

9. Blackberry truffle at Mouse’s Chocolates in Ouray
We won’t tell if you eat more than one of these toothsome delights. The blackberry truffle, high in antioxidants, is encrusted with white, milk or dark Callebaut Belgian chocolate, famous for its premium cocoa beans, hint of vanilla and smooth texture. 

10. Colorado stream trout at San Luis Valley Brewing Company in Alamosa
Nothing says Wild West like a good ol’ serving of Colorado river trout. Pair this buttery, oven-roasted fish with a San Luis craft brew like the crisp and hoppy Grand River IPA, inspired by the fresh stream of the Rio Grande — one locale where Colorado’s favorite fish is found. Read 12 Colorado Beer and Food Pairings >> 

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