Updated: 2/11/2015

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Get eye to eye with a steer that weighs more than your car, watch sheep dogs gently herd their fluffy friends into a pen, be dazzled by the artistry of trick roping in the Mexican Rodeo and, of course, eat a funnel cake. There’s also a Western art show, an African-American Heritage rodeo and a Super Dogs show with tricks, stunts and choreographed performances.

National Western Stock Show Activities

• Two days before the start of the stock show, a group of steers are paraded through the streets of downtown Denver, which is quite a sight amid the city's skyscrapers and coffee shops and a sure sign the city has gone stock-show crazy.

• Rodeos are held each day of the event, with local and pro riders, ropers and a slew of animals strutting their best stuff. Other events that fill out the schedule include freestyle reining, draft horse and dancing horse performances, elite jumping horse competitions, mutton bustin' and much more.

• Ever see a cow under a hair dryer? Walk among the barns to see the region's top livestock, getting prepped and primped for competition and sale, including horses, cattle, sheep, swine, goats, llamas, alpacas, bison, yak, poultry and rabbits.

• It's not all horseshoes and cowboy hats. The Coors Western Art Exhibit and Sale runs during the show within the National Western Stock Show Complex, featuring landscape paintings, livestock sculptures and photography of dozens of artists who celebrate the area's Western heritage.

Other Popular Colorado Rodeo Events

Greeley Stampede: June 25–July 5, 2015
Steamboat Springs Cowboys' Roundup Days: July 2–5, 2015
Gunnison Cattlemen's Days: July 4–12, 2015
Colorado State Fair: Aug. TBA, 2015
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National Western Stock Show visitors peer at bison
National Western Stock Show performers, The Westernaires
National Western Stock Show miniature horse competition