Situated in south central Colorado, not far from the New Mexico border, San Luis boasts the oldest church in Colorado and La Vega, a rare public commons — a place where communal grazing of livestock is allowed.

The town is most famous, however, for its Stations of the Cross, a string of bronze statues climbing the mesa adjacent to town. Each station represents a moment during the crucifixion of Christ, and the locale is popular with Christian visitors each Easter. Art aficionados might like to visit the sculptor's studio, located in town at the bottom of the hill.

San Luis also celebrates an annual posada, a Christmas-time procession representing the journey of Mary and Joseph from house to house, seeking shelter for the birth of their child.

A local museum showcases not only the area's history, but also the wares of local artists and crafters. If you spend the night, check in to El Convento, a bed-and-breakfast housed in a former convent. Your alarm clock will be church bells.

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