Clearview Alpacas & Paco-Vicunas

8815 County Road 150, Salida, CO 81201
Local: 303-888-9432
Region: South Central City: Salida


We have over 200 animals, alpacas & paco-vicuñas, here at the farm. You just have to come and see what we have for sale. We can put an awesome package together whether it be a breeding package, fiber animal package, or pets. Breeding for fine fiber, and processing all the fiber into yarn, rovings, batts, rugs, handmade products, and mill produced products. We are connected here with Jefferson Farms LLC so when you come you will see animals from two excellent herds at one farm. Come visit our alpaca ranch if you are in the neighborhood.Learn what it takes to run an alpaca ranch, and meet the animals for yourselves.