Colorado Trip Ideas

The articles below offer great vacation ideas and things to do in Colorado. Use the Category drop-down menu to sort the articles by topics you're interested in. Get started planning your amazing Colorado vacation today!

  • 8 Winter Activities in Colorado’s State & National Parks

    Wintertime in Colorado is not only synonymous with downhill skiing. In fact, locals and seasoned travelers understand that the winter solstice renders the ideal conditions for exploring public parks.

  • 5 Amazing Things to Do at Red Rocks

    From fossil hunting to yoga at 6,450 feet, concerts are only the beginning of the fun at the iconic amphitheater and park.

  • 5 Glorious Colorado Hiking Trails

    Summertime means hiking time. When the snow melts in Colorado, the beauty that lies beneath is brilliantly exposed.

  • Translating Colorado: 14ers, Continental Divide, Four Corners & More

    Coloradans have a funny way of saying lots of things. Here’s a short list of terms to know that will make you feel right at home in the Centennial State (see the definition for that below!).

  • 11 Colorado Waterfalls

    Waterfalls are one of the best side effects of a Colorado hike. They might be tiny, whispy ones you happen by along a scenic trail, or they might be bigger ones that are destinations unto themselves. The Colorado waterfalls below are worth making...

  • What are 14ers?

    Colorado has 58 mountain peaks exceeding 14,000 feet (known as "fourteeners" or "14ers" locally) — the most of any state. Outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels will find peaks ranging from easy to very difficult, with hiking trails for exploring...

  • Great Sand Dunes National Park

    Sink into the highest mountains of sand in North America. Nestled in a spot where the Sangre de Cristo Mountains buckle inward, the dunes within the borders of Great Sand Dunes National Park have been building and sifting for eons — the result of...

  • Get Outside: 10 Magical Moments on Colorado's Public Lands

    There are so many opportunities to get outside and explore Colorado's national forests, national parks, state parks and other public lands. As Woody Guthrie said, this land really is your land: More than a third of Colorado’s 100,000 square miles...

  • Hidden Colorado Gem: Devil's Causeway

    Those who have stepped foot on the Devil’s Causeway have been known to utter words along the lines of, “Pictures don’t really do it justice,” “Four feet is a lot narrower than you might think” and “I didn’t think I had a fear of heights.” The...

  • Colorado Hidden Gem: Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge

    Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge is the hidden gem that travelers’ dream of. Located in an intermountain glacial basin, this secluded refuge provides a welcoming habitat for 203 species of postcard-worthy wildlife.