Colorado Trip Ideas

The articles below offer great vacation ideas and things to do in Colorado. Use the Category drop-down menu to sort the articles by topics you're interested in. Get started planning your amazing Colorado vacation today!

  • Colorado Summer Recreation: Thrill Rides

    Don’t limit yourself to touring by car during your Colorado summer vacation — there are so many more exciting ways to explore! Thousands of miles of mountain trails, exhilarating stretches of whitewater and clear blue skies are waiting to give you...

  • Ways to Explore Colorado's Fall Colors

    Colorado's quintessential tree is the beautiful aspen. We've named towns, streets, dogs — even beer — after this glorious tree. In the summer, the aspens provide shade for our state flower, the columbine, and in the fall, Coloradans rejoice when...

  • Colorado Balloon Rides & Balloon Festivals

    It's no wonder hot-air balloons can often be seen gliding through Colorado skies: Between our vaulted mountains, twisting rivers, ochre canyons and golden plains, Colorado’s landscape is tailor-made for a bird’s-eye view.

  • A Summer Day in Steamboat Springs

    With its sprawling ranches, aspen-draped mountains and oxbow rivers, the Steamboat Springs area makes for a serene Western escape. But don’t let the tranquil setting fool you — there is plenty of spine-tingling adventure to be had as well.