Colorado Trip Ideas

The articles below offer great vacation ideas and things to do in Colorado. Use the Category drop-down menu to sort the articles by topics you're interested in. Get started planning your amazing Colorado vacation today!

  • Top Winter Beers at Colorado's Craft Breweries

    One of the most glorious and distinct harbingers of winter in Colorado is the appearance of seasonal beers. Winter is the time to take advantage of flavors such as roasted malts, chocolate, pepper spice and caramel. Below are a few winter warmers...

  • 24 Hours in Denver

    Start your day on Larimer Square, in the heart of Denver's LoDo (short for “Lower Downtown”) district. Grab a muffin and latté from one of the coffee shops, sit out on the sidewalk for some people watching and then indulge your inner shopaholic...

  • Colorado Beer-and-Food Pairings

    Colorado’s reputation as a top producer of stellar craft brews goes hand in hand with our growing status as a culinary trendsetter. From the annual sell-out at Denver’s Great American Beer Festival — the largest domestic beer festival in the United...

  • Colorado Restaurants: What's Delicious Right Now

    Colorado has upped the yum-factor on farm-fresh dining. Find out how local ingredients, south-of-the-border influences, outdoor on-the-go dining, beer pairings and celebrity chefs are making the state’s cuisine tastier than ever.