Colorado Trip Ideas

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  • Fat Biking in Colorado

    Colorado consistently ranks as one of the healthiest states in America. It is no surprise, then, that Coloradans have gone bananas for a new outdoor winter activity that sounds insane to those in less active climes: fat biking. This snow-season...

  • Colorado Cabins for Winter: Where to Stay & Play

    Colorado’s cabins provide convenient access to the best winter outdoor activities and all the comforts of home, plus potential perks such as private hot tubs, hearty meals and one-of-a-kind Western hospitality.

  • 8 Winter Activities in Colorado’s State & National Parks

    Wintertime in Colorado is not only synonymous with downhill skiing. In fact, locals and seasoned travelers understand that the winter solstice renders the ideal conditions for exploring public parks.

  • Snow Tubing & Sledding in Colorado

    When Coloradans aren’t out skiing or snowboarding, they’re getting a giggle-inducing thrill of a different sort — one experienced while zooming down a hill on an inner tube or sled at the speed of light. Here are four places in Colorado to snow...

  • Night Activities at Colorado Ski Resorts

    The playful spirit of Colorado's 25 ski resorts doesn’t fade with the sun during winter vacations — in fact, that’s exactly when ski towns come alive all across the state indoors and out. It can be hard to resist the allure of a well-lighted...

  • Colorado Winter Resorts with Fabulous Amenities

    Everyone knows that Colorado has unparalleled skiing terrain, but it’s easy to overlook those extra-special amenities that put a stamp on an unforgettable vacation. From upscale shopping and mountain-top dining to extravagant family activities and...

  • Winter Activities in Colorado Beyond the Ski Slopes

    When winter’s first snowflakes begin to blanket the ground in Colorado, it’s the start of a joyous season for skiers and snowboarders at Colorado's 25 ski resorts. They’re not the only outdoor adventurers who eagerly await the winter months —...

  • Colorado Winter Rides: Dog Sleds, Sleighs, Snowmobiles & More

    It wouldn’t be a Colorado winter without finding yourself laughing in the cool air on one of the following joyrides, some of the best things to do in winter.