Colorado Trip Ideas

The articles below offer great vacation ideas and things to do in Colorado. Use the Category drop-down menu to sort the articles by topics you're interested in. Get started planning your amazing Colorado vacation today!

  • Wildlife Viewing Experiences in Colorado

    Colorado’s mountains, forests, plains, rivers and mesas harbor 960 different wildlife species. These five ideas can help ensure at least a couple of them are part of your Colorado vacation.

  • 5 Popular & Easy Day Hikes in Colorado

    Choosing a Colorado hiking trail is no easy task — with millions of acres of wilderness, it's hard to know where to start. For those wanting an easy primer to hiking in Colorado, these five hiking trails through some of the state's diverse terrain...

  • Quick Guide to Colorado National Parks

    Colorado's four National Parks — Rocky Mountain, Mesa Verde, Great Sand Dunes and Black Canyon of the Gunnison — are home to some of the world's most wondrous and diverse scenery. The National Parks in Colorado are also packed with things to see...

  • Get Outside: 10 Magical Moments on Colorado's Public Lands

    There are so many opportunities to get outside and explore Colorado's national forests, national parks, state parks and other public lands. As Woody Guthrie said, this land really is your land: More than a third of Colorado’s 100,000 square miles...

  • Colorado Basics: Birding

    Nothing quite captures the essence of an area than the birds that inhabit it. For those of you that hear the word birding and think, “snore,” we’re saddened to think you’re missing out on one of Colorado’s best attributes.

  • Colorado Hidden Gem: Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge

    Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge is the hidden gem that travelers’ dream of. Located in an intermountain glacial basin, this secluded refuge provides a welcoming habitat for 203 species of postcard-worthy wildlife.

  • Colorado Family Attractions for Summer

    If the upcoming summer has you hunting for family adventure, consider these exhilarating Colorado attractions.

  • Colorado State Park Profile: Golden Gate Canyon State Park

    Golden Gate Canyon State Park is one of the closest state parks to the greater Denver area, providing a quick and easy escape route to the mountains. Nestled between the Front Range foothills and Rocky Mountains, Golden Gate Canyon is a patchwork...

  • Estes Park & Rocky Mountain National Park: A 1-Day Itinerary

    Estes Park and neighboring Rocky Mountain National Park are two of Colorado's top destinations for families and lovers of scenic beauty. Spend a day exploring the Estes' main street and the natural glories of the Colorado Rockies.

  • Colorado Scenic Byway: Mount Evans

    Colorado's Mount Evans Scenic Byway is the highest paved road in North America. As you would expect, the views up to Mount Evans are breathtaking, with alpine lakes, massive granite walls and stands of twisted, ancient bristlecone pine. Keep your...