Colorado Trip Ideas

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  • Night Activities at Colorado Ski Resorts

    The playful spirit of Colorado's 25 ski resorts doesn’t fade with the sun during winter vacations — in fact, that’s exactly when ski towns come alive all across the state indoors and out. It can be hard to resist the allure of a well-lighted...

  • Colorado Winter Resorts with Fabulous Amenities

    Everyone knows that Colorado has unparalleled skiing terrain, but it’s easy to overlook those extra-special amenities that put a stamp on an unforgettable vacation. From upscale shopping and mountain-top dining to extravagant family activities and...

  • Colorado Basics: 5 Tips for Dressing like a Coloradan

    The first rule to dressing like a Coloradan is preparing for any activity or weather event. Thanks to its great ranges in elevation, Coloradans can ski at Breckenridge during the day and then indulge in a craft beer on a Denver patio in 80-degree...

  • Ouray: Colorado's Ice-Climbing Capital

    For more than a decade, rock climbers have been discovering the joys and challenges of winter climbs on vertical walls of frozen water. Summer's rushing waterfalls become playgrounds for Colorado ice climbing each winter.

  • Winter Events in Colorado

    Coloradans don’t head inside when the weather gets cold and the snow starts falling — we celebrate! Winter carnivals, ice-carving competitions and lighting ceremonies are some of the ways we live the season to the fullest.

  • Colorado's Iconic Winter Events & Celebrations

    Far from heading inside when the weather is cold, Coloradans love to celebrate winter with signature events during the snowy months. Check out these events to find out why we love winter.

  • 6 Reasons to Love Winter in Colorado's Ski Towns

    The enchanting scene created by the first snowflakes swirling from the sky in late fall signals the start of another sensational winter in Colorado's ski towns — on and off the slopes. If you have any doubts about there being enough wonder in...

  • Winter in Colorado Ski Towns for Non-Skiers

    So maybe you’re not the “skier-type,” and there’s no shame in that. Or, maybe your legs will be feeling like Jell-O for a week after one aggressive day of hitting the slopes. Home to towns like Breckenridge, Vail, Beaver Creek, Aspen, Winter Park,...

  • America's Best Skiing: 5 Reasons to Ski & Snowboard in Colorado

    If the Rocky Mountains are Colorado’s defining geographic feature, skiing and snowboarding must be its signature activities. Colorado is, after all, the number one destination for skiing in the country and home to America's Best Skiing.

  • Fun Colorado Apres Ski Spots

    True, the skiing and riding in Colorado are legendary, but did you know that fun really gets going after the lifts stop running? Coloradans have adopted and amplified the French tradition of aprés ski: Going out, having drinks and socializing after...