Colorado Trip Ideas

The articles below offer great vacation ideas and things to do in Colorado. Use the Category drop-down menu to sort the articles by topics you're interested in. Get started planning your amazing Colorado vacation today!

  • From Seed to Sip: Colorado’s Best Beer, Wine and Distillery Tours

    Colorado has a remarkable collection of 45 distilleries, more than 200 breweries and 108 wineries (and counting!), and each one has its own characteristics that will vie to make it your favorite. Why you should go: free tastings, an understanding of...

  • Pair Colorado Wineries & Byways

    Combine two favorite activities with a trip along Colorado byways that offer stops at several of the state's wineries for tours and to stock up on local vintages. If you plan to taste the wines, be sure to designate a sober driver.

  • Colorado Farm Stays

    Colorado farms and ranches are opening their doors to travelers looking for genuine experiences that can include a range of non-required activities from cheese-making to picking dinner’s veggies, butchery classes to group picnics and shoeing horses...

  • Colorado Tasting Tour

    From strolling in tidy rows of vineyards to gazing at ruby-red cherries at the farmers’ market, it’s easy to see why Coloradans are inspired to eat local. Savor the best of Colorado beer, wine, spirits and signature dishes.

  • Battle for Colorado's Official Drink: Beer, Wine & Spirits

    Colorado may be known for its brews, both craft and big-name (those waterfalls in Coors’ marketing really are in Colorado), but our wine and spirits industries are hot on the brewers’ heels.

  • 5 Things to Do in Colorado Before Summer's Over

    When summer winds down in Colorado and you're looking for things to do, check out these five locales that really shine in warm weather. Catch them while they're hot to ensure you're making the most of living in our gorgeous state.

  • See for Free: Colorado Brewery, Winery & Distillery Tours

    Home to more than 230 breweries, 100 wineries and 54 distilleries and counting, Colorado's ground zero for locally produced libations. Tours and tastings at these great Colorado breweries, wineries and distilleries and many more across the state...

  • Colorado Wine Trails & Tasting Rooms

    Colorado’s wine industry, more than 110 producers strong, offers settings and wine-tasting rooms like no other wine region in the world. Colorado's unparalleled natural beauty is luring up-and-coming wineries, and for those looking for the next big...

  • 3 Days in Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park Country

    The sheer, marbled walls of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison are among Colorado’s most distinctive natural landmarks, but the friendly towns that surround it are what make it an extra-special place to visit. Take three (or more!) days to explore...

  • Fine Wine to Fossils: A Grand Junction-Area Itinerary

    The area around Grand Junction and Palisade has made a name for itself as the heart of Colorado wine country. But vino is just one of the region’s great qualities. Nearby are thousands of miles of hiking and mountain-biking trails, phenomenal...