Colorado Trip Ideas

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  • Pure Powder: Snowmobiling in Colorado

    Each winter, Colorado’s high country opens up once again to snowmobilers buzzing across trails and fields of powder in the crisp, dry, winter air. Everything from family-friendly jaunts to high-speed adventures are available in Colorado’s snowy...

  • Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Trips

    Colorado’s off-roading motto is “Stay the Trail.” Thanks to vast amounts of diverse, thrilling trail terrain, that motto doesn’t limit the fun you can have exploring the backcountry on a Jeep tour, ATV or other off-highway vehicle (OHV).

  • Winter Activities in Colorado Beyond the Ski Slopes

    When winter’s first snowflakes begin to blanket the ground in Colorado, it’s the start of a joyous season for skiers and snowboarders at Colorado's 25 ski resorts. They’re not the only outdoor adventurers who eagerly await the winter months —...

  • Colorado Winter Rides: Dog Sleds, Sleighs, Snowmobiles & More

    It wouldn’t be a Colorado winter without finding yourself laughing in the cool air on one of the following joyrides, some of the best things to do in winter.

  • 5 Colorado State Parks Perfect for Winter

    Beckoning with untouched powder stashes and framed in bluer-than-blue skies (it’s true — air at higher altitudes contains less water vapor, leading to brighter hues above), Colorado’s 42 state parks offer a refreshing, adventurous winter menu.