International Pow Wow (IPW)

International Pow Wow (IPW)

Dear Colorado Industry Members,

The Colorado Tourism Office recently participated in the US Travel Association's International Pow Wow (IPW) travel/trade industry show in Las Vegas, NV, June 9–13, 2013.

This year's IPW was a extremely productive with many international tour operators and media wanting Colorado product information and saying that their bookings are looking good for the up coming summer. CTO participated in nearly 250 prescheduled appointments and generated a large number leads.  If you are interested in joining the CTO at the 2014 IPW Show in Chicago, please fill out the Opportunity Sign Up Form.

If you have any questions concerning the 2013 IPW leads please feel free to e-mail Michael Driver or Jennifer Bartlett-Alpert from Colorado Marketing Connections at

All the best,

Michael Driver

Director, Iternational Marketing & PR

Colorado Tourism Office