Request Bulk Travel Resources

Request Bulk Travel Resources

Bulk Requests – Official State Vacation Guide (OSVG), the Official Map to Colorado Scenery and Adventure, and the Official Guide to Scenic and Historic Byways

  • The minimum bulk order is 25 and OSVGs must be ordered in increments of 25 for higher quantities.
  • The minimum map order is 100 quantity with the exception of Colorado Chamber of Commerce, Colorado Convention & Visitor Bureau and Colorado Visitor Information Center, which has a minimum order of 250 quantity.
  • The following is the seasonal fulfillment and distribution schedule for the 2013 Official State Vacation Guide:
    Winter Guides: Jan. 1, 2013–March 1, 2013 / September 2, 2013–December 31, 2013
    Summer Guides: March 2, 2013–September 1, 2013
  • The CTO must approve international bulk requests by individuals or organizations.
  • International requests will be subject to the limits of Category 4 organizations unless directed otherwise by the CTO.
  • The CTO and Contractor reserve the right to monitor and refuse any requests.
  • Guides and maps are not for resale.

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Colorado Travel Resources Distribution & Fulfillment Policy

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