See Colorado from an entirely different perspective: a hot-air balloon. Nearly every major city and resort town in Colorado offers a bird's-eye view of local scenery from the basket of a high-flying balloon.


Colorado ballooning video

We see a rainbow-colored hot-air ballon with a burst of sunlight over it; in the distance, six or seven other balloons hover in the air
Balloons near Colorado Springs
A rainbow-colored balloon hovers over the cityscape of Boulder, with its famous Flatiron mountains off in the distance
Soaring over Boulder
Four rainbow-colored hot-air balloons hover over a bridge, hotel and river. Their shapes and colors are reflected in the water
Balloons over Pagosa Springs
Balloons near Ouray
Rocky Ford

When you find yourself in a balloon’s thatched basket, you get to look down on the lofty peaks of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Or, you can see the vast expanse of the prairie grasslands as they disappear into the curving, nearly infinite horizon. The chasms, gorges, valleys and sheer cliff faces composed of porous rock in the Western Slope become even more intriguing and inspiring when viewed from a fresh angle up above. 

If flying high on thermals doesn’t excite you, consider attending one of Colorado’s many ballooning festivals held throughout the year.


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