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Colorado Hunting

Colorado hunting is about quiet spaces. Our public lands include 23 million acres of pristine pines, plentiful pocket meadows and pure-water ponds, so it’s no wonder we host the world’s largest elk herd and the best chance at hunting, or simply viewing, these majestic animals in motion. Hit "read more" below for important season dates and resources.

Mule deer in the mountains, whitetail on the plains or the legendary elk of the Rockies — these are only some of many species that call Colorado home. Go primitive with a long- bow, stay modern with a centerfire rifle or split the difference with muzzle-loading. Colorado is accommodating to most types and styles of take as long as you have that handy hunter education card (from Colorado or your home state).

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Hunter Call Center

Colorado Parks and Wildlife offers a unique service for interested hunters who want to hunt Colorado — a call center staffed with knowledgeable hunters to help get you started (Mon.–Fri., 8am–5pm). No other state offers this type of service! Hunt Planner call center: 303-291-PLAN (7526). Check out how hunters "social network" in this call center video >>

Important Colorado Hunting Dates

Colorado Parks & Wildlife 2021 & 2022 Big Game Hunting Planner

Colorado Parks & Wildlife Big Game Hunting Quick Guide

Colorado Parks & Wildlife Season Big Game Dates & Fees

Colorado Parks & Wildlife Season Small Game Dates & Fees

Colorado Parks & Wildlife Big Game Brochure

Colorado Hunting Locales and Outfitters

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