Dogsledding in Colorado is a feast for the senses: the wind whipping against your face, barking dogs eagerly speeding you along the trail, you at the helm shouting “mush!”

Dog sledding near Edwards
Dog sledding near Edwards
Getting ready for a dog-sled ride through Colorado powder near Edwards, CO
Bundling up for a Colorado dog-sled adventure near Edwards, CO
Dog sledding near Steamboat Springs
A dog-sled rider takes a tour of the winter landscape near Steamboat Springs, CO
Dog sledding rides near Steamboat Springs

Within moments of embarking on your dogsledding expedition, you’ll be thrown back to the Call of the Wild on a Jack London-style journey through evergreen forests and wide-open snowy meadows.

Imagine you and another passenger, seated in a simple wooden frame, bundled snuggly in soft blankets, watching as the scenery runs by thanks to 10 to 12 well-trained dogs effortlessly pulling your sled across a snowy landscape. This is a snapshot into the smooth and timeless sport of Colorado dogsledding.

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