People work on a trail with axes and shovels

We don’t need to tell you Colorado is a pretty special place. And we don’t mind telling you that you’re a pretty special person if you want to help us keep it that way while you’re roaming around it.

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You already know that you can help ensure these places exist for generations to come by staying on roads and trails, keeping speeds in check, leaving campsites and picnic spots just as you found them, and following instructional signs while you’re out and about in our state.

But if you want a Colorado Gold Star to pin in your hiking cap/bicycle helmet/ski beanie, here are a few ways you can help steward and restore our old friend that have a distinct advantage: Not only is your vacation a feel-good experience, you also get to see some Colorado's most beautiful scenery.

Several organizations offer opportunities for one-day projects, like cleaning up around trailheads, to weeklong excursions rebuilding trails and more.

Check out the Related Trip Ideas below, the Colo-Road Trips tool and our voluntourism event listings for ideas. Or connect with our partner, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, who have an amazing app that will show you opportunities near you.