Updated: 4/17/2015

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Served traditionally alongside bleu cheese dressing, celery and carrot sticks for a little lagniappe, these chicken wing-ettes are smothered in Captain’s Chipotle Sauce, a Colorado-made table sauce made to the Buffalo Bar & Restaurant’s specifications.

The good news is that for just $5.95 a bottle, you can buy the sauce before you leave and re-create your wing experience at home. This sauce is so tantalizing, the restaurant regularly ships boxes of it to a customer in Florida who just can’t get enough. The flavorful, smoky pepper of the wings is a perfect complement to a beer and a ball game (preferably the Broncos!).

Through the years, the restaurant has expanded from the core building built in 1881 into a total of four historic buildings along Miner Street — all with colorful pasts.

The joint is equipped with modern amenities, such as TVs broadcasting sporting events, but the Buffalo Bar & Restaurant also has a family-friendly, Western atmosphere with a collection of antique signs and other historical items to view, including an original 1865 New York Herald with headlines of President Lincoln’s assassination.

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Photo courtesy of flickr/highlimitzz.