Colorado Scenic Byway: Silver Thread

Colorado's Silver Thread scenic byway weaves through one remarkable story after another — some historical, others more nature-based. Along the way, you’ll pass through two historic districts (Lake City and Creede) and tracts of land so remote you’ll feel as though you’re trekking through the wilds of the 1800s. Here are some of the big draws of the magnificent Silver Thread byway.

By: Staff Writer
Updated: March 22, 2024

Lake City not only serves as an outstanding base of operations for outdoor adventure, but also serves as one of the largest collections of preserved buildings from the 1870s. Stroll through the heart of town and you’ll quickly get a sense for Lake City’s authenticity.

Just south of town is Lake San Cristobal, whose placid beauty has an unusual twist. Only around 800 years old, this lake was formed when the Slumgullion Earth Flow naturally dammed the valley. You’ll notice the bizarre landslide to the southeast. Moving at the speed of molasses, the earthflow is the result of unstable soils that shift up to 20 feet a year. You’ll see full-grown pine trees at off-angles — evidence that this lumbering slide is still at work.

For a hidden treasure, keep your eyes out for Forest Road 510 on your left, just past Spring Creek pass. A short distance down the road affords views of gushing North Clear Creek Falls as it plummets from a willow-covered bench into a box canyon.

The Colorado town of Creede was born on the wings of a flourishing silver market. In the summer, stop by one of the hallmarks of this era, the Creede Repertory Theater, which USA Today called “one of the 10 best places to see the lights way off Broadway.”

Another fascinating attraction in Creede is the Creede Underground Mining Museum. Exhibits are offered in rooms and tunnels inside a mountain, giving you an authentic look at the subterranean life of miners.

At the end of the trip, South Fork sits poised to greet you, and offers a great place to stretch your legs and reflect on the only-in-Colorado scenery you enjoyed throughout the trip. Gorgeous in its own right, South Fork is the perfect starting point for endless Colorado adventures, or as a place to sit and take stock of Colorado in its natural state.

Distance: 120 miles 
Suggested Time: Allow 2–4 hours

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