Elevated Wellness Getaways in Colorado

Looking for some hardcore relaxation? We’ve got you covered — in mud wraps, sound baths and even beer — to make sure your Colorado vacation brings the rejuvenation and peace of mind you’re craving.

Luna Vibrations in Denver offers relaxing sound baths.

Zee Clarke Tibetan Sound Baths in Denver

Bob peacefully in a saltwater tank at salt 360 float studio.
Bob peacefully in a saltwater tank at salt 360 float studio.

Restorative Retreats

Zee Clarke Tibetan Sound Baths, Denver
Worries melt away with sound baths where the golden tones of Tibetan singing bowls align your chakras and get those theta brainwaves humming. You’ll leave these sessions smiling like you know the answers to life’s mysteries. (Please tell us if you do.)

Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa, Moffat
Book a few nights at the cozy two-bedroom Casita for a secluded sanctuary in the heart of the Mystic San Luis Valley. The stunning crimson hues of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains pair perfectly with soaks in the travertine-spring-fed pools.

Shoshoni Yoga Retreat, Rollinsville
At the Yoga Lifestyle Immersion extended retreat, guided meditation will help you forget about your earth-bound troubles (like those neighbors who still have their holiday lights up), while fire ceremonies reignite your spark for life.

Crestone Mountain Zen Center, Crestone
Find your Zen (literally) at this haven where the energy is “peaceful and magical” and vegetarian meals — served in three bowls to highlight texture, color and taste — give your tongue a spiritual awakening. Join meditation sessions or call the center home while exploring the nearby Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad and UFO Watchtower.

North Sterling State Park, Sterling
Get away from it all with a camping trip under endless prairie skies. Polish your downward dog or attract the area birdlife with your tree pose as the wind rustles through the short grass. (Tip: State parks require camping reservations. Book ahead to avoid harshing your vibe.)

Denver Beer Spa, Denver
If a frosty pint lifts your spirits, imagine what a sudsy tub will do. Unwind with nutrient-rich beer baths, hops-infused infrared saunas and “beeromatherapy.” Afterward, treat yourself to local craft brews in the taproom.

Herbal Essences

Colorado Aromatics Farm, Longmont
Book a private tour and stop to smell the organic roses … along with the lavender, calendula, mint and lemon balm. Or, learn how to make bitters and tinctures to take as deliciously scented souvenirs.

Berry Patch Farms, Brighton
Stroll the sprawling fields and pick vibrant bouquets of shaggy lion’s head sunflowers, zinnias and sweet basil, saying “hi” to the free-range chickens and farm dogs as you go.

Spa Anjali, Avon
Take the Rocky Mountain Spa Journey to be massaged into sublime submission and pampered with a soothing poultice of sage, lavender and pine.

Hopscotch Bakery, Pueblo
If you find comfort in food, we feel you. Fresh gingersnaps and lavender shortcake provide the oven-baked path to sweet, herbaceous serenity.

Active Recovery

Float Trips, Fort Collins
The Cache la Poudre River slows its flow when it reaches Old Town, making it perfect for a lazy day of tubing. Hop on and off for snacks and cocktails in town. (And heed the few signs that tell you to get out and walk certain areas.)

Adventure Mindful Running Retreats, Boulder
Spend four days racking up mountain mileage, meditating and practicing mindfulness in Boulder’s rugged foothills. Run Mindful retreats are led by pro ultrarunner Timothy Olson and his fam, who share their love of the sport and trails with you.

Mountain Pose Yoga, Copper Mountain
Let the crisp alpine air shake your chakras to the core as you twist, bend and om. A donation is the only entry cost, but space is limited so reservations are a must.

Footpaths of the World, Estes Park
If you dream of hiking the Rockies but don't enjoy thinking about logistics, then this experience was built for you. The Walter Tishma Way offers two to six days of trekking scenic paths with rustic lodges and hot dinners welcoming you in the evenings. Shuttles, maps, trekking poles and most meals are included, and you can book a private guide if that makes you comfier in the great outdoors.

Rocking Relaxation

A Sanctuary Center, Sedalia
Think deep thoughts, shallow thoughts or no thoughts at all as you meander through the center’s stone labyrinth under the shade of wind-tickled evergreens.

Pure Beauty & Wellness Spa, Telluride
Luxuriate to the trickling sound of a waterfall within the crystalline pink walls of a Himalayan-rock-salt cave. Then, spice things up with the Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, known for healing and detoxification.

Yampah Spa, Glenwood Springs
Blow off steam at the spa’s natural hot-springs vapor caves, where wisps of warm mineral mist embrace you in the softly lit caverns.

RockResorts Spa at the Lodge at Vail, Vail
Indulge in a Mountain Gem massage with stress-reducing gemstones that make your aura sparkle while aligning your body and mind.

salt 360 float studio, Durango
Take the weight off your shoulders in a soothing saltwater float tank. As the lights dim, you’ll feel effortlessly suspended and wonderfully carefree.

Boulder Shungite Ark, Boulder
Feel yourself transformed in a comfy room lined with 2 tons of shungite, a rock touted for its healing properties that was first discovered in Russia.

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