Updated: 1/8/2015

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The Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW )has several programs to encourage new outdoors enthusiasts learn the ropes.

Hunting in Colorado and the Hunter Outreach Program

The DOW created the Hunter Outreach Program for this purpose. It’s the easiest way for beginners and those without a family background in hunting to hone their skills and learn from experienced outdoor aficionados. Skills clinics, youth programs, mentored hunts and seminars are offered on a regular basis.

A bugling Colorado elk
A bugling Colorado elk

A weekend, evening or online hunter education course is also a great introduction to hunting, firearm safety and outdoor skills. Courses are offered nearly every week somewhere in the state. Passing this course is required prior to applying for or buying a Colorado hunting license for anyone born on or after January 1, 1949.

The DOW programs focus on hunting heritage and tradition and promote the vast opportunities for hunting throughout the state. They also create mentorship programs for youth and novice hunters and develop educational programs for the general public. Everyone who participates comes away with a new appreciation for Colorado’s natural lands and an attitude of stewardship that helps ensure they stay intact.

Women Afield
An integral part of the Hunter Outreach Program is Women Afield, which provides opportunities for women to learn about hunting big game, waterfowl and upland birds from experienced volunteers and DOW staff. Summer and fall workshops focus on both shooting and fishing. Known as Cast and Blast clinics, they feature basic instruction in the fundamentals, from shotgun shooting to fly-fishing.

Youth Hunt Program
The Youth Hunt program is also popular and provides a chance for youth between the ages of 12 and 17 to learn from experienced hunters during annual excursions. Accompanied by huntmasters and volunteers, the groups focus on either big game (elk, pronghorn and deer) or birds (waterfowl, pheasant and turkey). Available to Colorado residents, participants receive training in firearm safety, field safety, hunting skills and techniques as well as hunter ethics and responsibility.


Find hunting outfitters in Colorado; for information on other education programs, wildlife-viewing sites, in- and out-of-state hunting and fishing licenses and more, visit the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

About the Colorado Division of Wildlife

As one of Colorado’s advocates for environmental and wildlife habitat conservation, the DOW brings in millions of dollars each year in revenue from hunting and fishing licenses. A sizeable amount of that revenue is used directly for conservation and protection of more than 240 wildlife areas and for providing wildlife-related recreation.