Make Rocky Mountain Adventures Your Guide to River Fun Near Fort Collins

Rocky Mountain Adventures in Fort Collins is your outfitter for fun on the Cache la Poudre River. It’s Colorado’s only federally designated Wild and Scenic River beloved for its rushing waters, winding twists, rocky outcroppings and peak-strewn panoramas. 

A large group of red vest- and helmet-clad people are on an inflatable blue raft on the white waters of the Cache la Poudre River in Colorado. They are all holding their paddles up in the air in celebration as they cruise down the river. Behind them are various green plants.
Family celebration on a Lower Poudre half-day trip
A solo kayaker with a red helmet on sitting in a red kayak is cruising down a whitewater river. They have their paddle in hand and are paddling through the water as the kayak is moved by the active water.
A Rocky Mountain Adventures guide on the Upper Mishawaka half-day trip
A group of whitewater rafters in red protective gear smiling and laughing on a blue raft. The raft is being tossed by the rushing water, splashing the people's faces. They all have paddles in their hands. Behind them on the raft is the instructor, barely visible, with their paddle in the water. In the background are rocky cliff-like structures beside the water.
Big water fun on the Mishawaka Lunch Trip
A scenic photo of calm river water running between two grassy areas. There are three student kayakers in the water on blue and orange kayaks wearing protective gear. They are paddling in the water facing away from the camera. In the background are grassy and rocky hills spotted with tall pine trees beneath a mostly blue sky.
Students learn to kayak in the two-day Fast Track course
A close-up image of red, orange, yellow and blue water sports paddles hung upright on hooks against a beige wall. The paddles are labeled, "WERNER" and are staggered along the wall. Above them are popcorn ceilings and two small spotlights.
Rocky Mountain Adventures' paddle-sports equipment
A photo of a retail store adorned in wood paneling on the floors and ceiling. There are a variety of items on shelves, hooks and turntables, including sunglasses, balaclavas, hats, t-shirts, shoes, maps, kayaks, vests, backpacks and more.
Rocky Mountain Adventures' retail store
A group of red vest- and helmet-clad younger people sit in an inflated blue raft on the rolling whitewater waves of the Cache la Poudre River in Colorado. They are smiling and holding paddles in their hands while the instructor in the back of the raft guides them along the water. In the background are green plants and trees lining the river.
Big smiles on the Lower Poudre half-day trip
Two happy stand-up paddleboarding students stand up on their blue paddleboards. They are both in swimming attire and are wearing safety vests and sunglasses with paddles in their hands. The water they are on is calm with small rippling waves. In the background is a grassy area with trees and a dusty blue sky.
Students learn to stand up in the SUP Basics course
A student sits in a green kayak inside an indoor pool. They are wearing protective gear and are holding a double-sided paddle. Their instructor is in the water next to them. They are both smiling. In the background is another pool illuminated by tall floor-to-ceiling windows letting sunlight beam in.
Student learns to roll a kayak in the Winter Roll class
Six students in protective gear and backpacks stand knee-deep in whitewater waves of a river in Colorado. One of them is in the middle of the river while the rest are more on the side of it. Between them, there is a thin yellow rope frozen in the air, being tossed between them as part of the course. In the background is a tall, steep, green hill with scattered small trees and rocks.
Students learn technical skills in the Swiftwater Rescue course

Located just an hour and a half from Denver International Airport (DEN), Rocky Mountain Adventures is also an excellent vacation base near many Colorado cities, like Denver, Boulder and Estes Park. Let their experts plan all sorts of river activities for you — like guided whitewater-rafting experiences, instruction or equipment rentals for the more do-it-yourself types.

Not sure where to start? From guided water sports to welcoming classes, here are their most popular offerings:

Whitewater Rafting

Make Colorado memories with a whitewater-rafting adventure crafted just for you. Whether you’re traveling with kiddos (aged 7 and up) or major adrenaline junkies, you can pick half- to full-day trips from mellow to advanced offerings on Class II, III and IV whitewater. Aside from all the stunning mountain scenery you’ll see riding the protected Cache la Poudre, if you look closely, you just might spot some of Colorado’s most treasured wildlife, like moose, elk and fox.

Prefer a raft trip that boasts unique Colorado history? Book the Mishawaka Lunch Trip to ride 12 rollicking miles of classic whitewater with a stop for lunch at the historic Mishawaka Amphitheatre. Fun fact: This riverside venue and restaurant has hosted musicians galore since waaaay back in the early 1900s. The open-air venue itself — surrounded by a craggy mountainside that’s peppered with pines — is more than a century old.

Pro tip: Early-season rafting can be chilly! That’s why Rocky Mountain Adventures offers wetsuit rentals.

Take a Class

Ready to move into the driver’s seat? Build your own water skills with specialized instructional classes — they run the gamut on sport type and level, perfect for newbies and those looking to level up. Whether you want to learn beginner basics — like how to roll a kayak and balance on a stand-up paddleboard — or are seeking more advanced skill building around raft-guide training and swift-water rescue, Rocky Mountain Adventures delivers with year-round group and private instruction meant to make you the expert.

Pro tip: As a beginner, you'll be learning in a placid pond or a Fort Collins pool, depending on the season. Equipment rentals are included in class pricing.

Rent Gear

Want to try a new sport without an upfront investment? Rocky Mountain Adventures has you covered with a robust assortment of seasonal equipment.

In summertime, you can reserve river tubes (ideal for short floats on calm water), rafts and overnight gear, kayaks (whitewater, inflatable and recreational), stand-up paddleboards, plus technical gear and clothing (everything from coolers and dry bags to oars and life jackets).

Come winter, take your pick of cross-country skis, snowshoes, splitboards, gear sleds and all the lifesaving safety gear you need for backcountry exploration (like beacons, probes and shovels).

Pro tip: Need equipment for a whole week? Or just a day? No problem. Full- and multiple-day rental rates are available.

Visit or call 970-493-4005 to book your Rocky Mountain Adventures experience.

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