Monarch Casino Resort Spa: Rocky Mountain Destination Resort

Monarch Casino Resort Spa in Black Hawk is the perfect mountain getaway for getting together. It’s a brilliant setting for you to write your own story — a destination well within reach, yet a world away. Whether you’re looking to reunite with those who know you better than you know yourself or get to know someone in a whole new way, set the scene at this Rocky Mountain luxury resort.

By: Monarch Casino Resort Spa
Updated: February 28, 2024

Luxury Accommodations from Premier Guest Rooms to Balcony Suites

You walk into your room and you’re immediately overcome with a sense of freedom and a hint of being spoiled with luxury. Enjoy the dramatic view out the palatial windows, as the late-afternoon sunshine pours in to frame unending views of the forest-filled mountainside that spans the length of the canyon.

While the Monarch Premier and Monarch Grand provide excellent accommodations for a night or a weekend, sometimes, you have to splurge: Upgrading to a Spa Suite is the indulgence that turns a getaway into an unforgettable escape. Featuring a 55-inch 4k wall-mounted TV, a plush pillow-top mattress, and luxury bath and body products, you can fully enjoy an oversized in-room spa. You might just wonder if you’ll make your way out of the room and into the rest of the property!

Endless Entertainment, Escapes & Retail Therapy

Step out of the rigors of your every day and escape into the flow of nearly endless gaming across two levels and 60,000 square feet of casino floor. Here you’ll find more than 900 of your favorite slot and video poker machines and nearly 50 of your favorite table games, including baccarat, buffalo blackjack, pai gow and so many more. Each game and every table are another opportunity to add a chapter about winning the story of your stay.

The Lounges, Bars & Quiet Corners

Escape between games to the lounges and bars that appear seemingly around every corner. From The Escape Bar to the high-limit area to our collection of craft brews and cocktails at Twenty-Four 7, there’s always somewhere to step aside and enjoy a moment before getting back in the game.

Perhaps a little retail therapy is in order? Visit MPulse, just off the gaming floor on the mezzanine level. Right around the corner from The Buffet is a place to find the fashions and accessories to accent your night out.

Dine Daringly

Five exquisite restaurants are here to teasing your appetite, each with distinct scenes comprised of tastes, temptations and satisfactions. From midweek social hour to unending options and service around the clock, fuel the story of your Monarch stay however and whenever you feel it.

Bistro Mariposa’s Wednesday-Night Social Hour

Be greeted by a flash-flame kissing the flank steak and street corn on the grill. Crossing the threshold into Bistro Mariposa is stepping into a world of sensations. Sights, sounds, aromas and tastes surround you at every turn, each more appealing than the last. The only real question is “Where do we start?”

With half-price on appetizers and select cocktails, Social Hour is the first-rate start to any evening. Wander past the wall of top-shelf tequilas and mezcals begging you to contemplate the possibilities. Gaze into the open kitchen, operating with precision and panache, equal parts orchestra and stage show. Whether you’re in for a sip, to socialize or stay for dinner, Bistro Mariposa is an excellent start or finish to your night.

Monarch Chophouse

Just down the hall across the Sportsbook and through an array of every imaginable slot machine available. From behind the glass, more than 300 labels of wines from around the world invite you to unimaginable tastes. Welcome to Monarch Chophouse, a modern twist on the classic steakhouse. Upon entering the space, you’ll encounter the plush, velvet-covered seats of the lounge, home to crafted cocktails like the Smoky Old Fashioned and the Casino Royale.

Once you step behind the velvet curtains, belief is suspended. Enjoy cuisine on the finest stage in the house. Once seated, you’ll experience the spectacle of Steak Diane, sauteed tableside. Another can’t-miss tableside presentation is the 320-degree-below-0 ice cream, where fresh cream and fruit is instantly frozen in front of your eyes. From the Caesar salad to the lobster mac to the branzino al sale and petite filet, each dish plays its role in the night’s performance Prepare to surrender your appetite!

The Buffet: A Story of Endless Exploration & Favorites

Your Buffet story starts by never ending. Nearly unlimited selection stretches on and on and on. Cuisines from around the world find their home here in Black Hawk. Whether you’re searching for your favorites, like classic Italian, Korean short ribs, pho, barbecue, Latin cuisine or cold-water lobster tails, you needn’t look far. It just might be a bit of a walk to get there — the dessert station is measured in dozens of square feet and is dwarfed by the limitless salad bar that greets you upon walking in!

Where your Buffet story really shines is the guest service. From the smile greeting you at the front to the beverage of your choice brought to your table, service is the ingredient that stands out the most. Like other chapters in your Monarch story, the service at The Buffet makes everything that much more delicious.

The Dining Story Never Ends: Twenty-Four 7

Just off the gaming floor is Black Hawk’s only 24-hour restaurant, Twenty-Four 7. It’s the ideal blend of breakfast, burgers, bites, brews and so much more. Eclectic barely begins to describe the combination of tastes and dishes that make up the menu. From Asian fusion to chorizo-stuffed breakfast burritos smothered in Colorado green chile to Santa Fe chicken salads adorned with spicy, savory chipotle ranch dressing. Best of all, anytime you need to fuel your story, it’s ready to help you write the next chapter.

Spa Monarch: The Art of Relaxation at the Top of Black Hawk

Spa Monarch awaits through the glass doors on the 23rd floor. From signature treatments to unique spaces, everything is designed to indulge. Start in the Aqua Lounge where the views of the canyon alone are worth a visit, not to mention the soaking pool and sensory shower that  takes you from the tropics to the mountain tops with temperature, lights and sounds that stimulate each of your senses.

From there, lose yourself in a therapeutic massage, reviving every muscle and relaxing your very spirit. No matter how much time you’ve spent, the rain stick calls the session to a close far too soon.

On to the Brine Room, where the salt-touched air opens your lungs and entices your circulation to kick in. After the soak and stimulating massage, recovery begins. There’s nothing better than a robe, spa slippers and serenity. The scene is hypnotic as the colors dance across the salt installation and the sound of trickling water puts your mind in a trance, slowly drifting away 23 floors above Black Hawk.

Outside, the rooftop pool awaits. With a glorious view, the rooftop hot tub serves as a four-season oasis — especially in the winter months, where you can watch the snow fly and rest in the sea of evergreens that surround you. This, you think to yourself, is exactly where I want to be.

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