Mountain Biking & Road Cycling in Montrose

The vast expanses of public lands surrounding Montrose offer seemingly endless mountain-bike trails and road-cycling routes for two-wheelers of all experience levels.

Mountain Biking near Montrose
Mountain Biking near Montrose

Pick up directions to these places and other tips at the Montrose Visitor Center.

Mountain Biking in Montrose

Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area

Northeast of Montrose, the NCA encompasses the area commonly referred to as the Adobes, as well as rocky pinyon and juniper uplands and, of course, the deep wilderness canyon of the Gunnison Gorge itself. Numerous mountain biking opportunities are available along the entire western flank of the NCA. For those seeking a technically challenging singletrack ride, Sidewinder Trail runs 20 miles from the North Sidewinder Trailhead south to Eagle Valley Trail near the Peach Valley staging area. Another access point near the end of Bostwick Park Road is Kurt’s Trail.

Dry Creek Area

These trails, perfect for the spring and fall riding seasons, are located in the canyon/mesa country west of Montrose. The main trailhead for the area is the Tabeguache Trailhead at the north end of Shavano Valley Road. Access to riding is also possible from Transfer Road. Perfect for the spring and fall riding seasons.

Uncompahgre Plateau

Located in the high country southwest of Montrose, most of these trails are accessible from the Divide Road by way of Dave Wood Road and Highway 90. The summer and early fall riding season is the best time of year for these treks. Popular routes include Aspen Trail, Buck Trail and the Buzzard Gulch Trail System.

Road Biking in Montrose

Tip: Within 20 miles of town, you can find flat roads for an easy spin or long tough climbs. A dozen steep, 1-kilometer climbs reach the tops of the surrounding mesas. They resemble the “walls” of famous European races but with more moderate grades ranging from 5 to 9 percent.

Black Canyon

Longer ascents include the tough 6-mile climb to the entrance of Black Canyon National Park. From the park entrance station, you can opt for the fearsome 3-mile grunt out of the East Portal of the Gunnison that averages a knee-buckling 16 percent. Take good brakes for the switchbacked descent and mountain-bike gearing for the climb back out of the Black Canyon.

Grand Mesa

If you’re wanting to ride a century, you can climb Grand Mesa from Delta (30 miles and 5,500 vertical feet) or Red Mountain Pass from Ouray (13 miles and 3,400 feet vertical feet).

Montrose is also home to varied dirt climbs ranging from 1 to 10 miles — all starting within a few miles of town.

Fat Biking in Montrose

Fat bikers also find a way to keep their wheels spinning in Montrose during the winter months. Buzzard Gulch is a preferred spot, with lots of singletrack options and amazing views of the Uncompahgre Valley — all pretty close to town.

The Uncompahgre Plateau's packed-down snowmobile trails also provide excellent riding conditions. Just head up past Dave Wood Road to the US Forest Service boundary lot. Stop by the Montrose Visitor Center for a map and directions to other good routes.

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