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Pedal The Plains Colorado Bike Tour

"The race for the rest of us," Colorado's Pedal The Plains is a light-hearted September road-cycling trek through the state's swaying, expansive eastern plains with plenty of fun on and off the bike for cyclists of all skill levels.
Pedal the Plains
Pedal the Plains

After the success of the first tour in 2012, Pedal The Plains makes a splash every year with a new route, educational activities and entertainment.

Pedal The Plains embraces a flatter, more leisurely pace, where stopping to sample the bounty of the area's farmers' markets, crafts fairs, historic trails and educational farming techniques, as well as concerts, beer gardens, county fairs and a family fun ride are all part of the experience. For those feeling hardier, there's even a scenic century ride. 

Stay tuned for the 2019 Pedal The Plains Route.

2018 Pedal The Plains

The 2018 event took place Sept. 14–16, with the route traveling through Kiowa, Bennett, Limon and other parts of Elbert County. Check the Pedal The Plains website for more updates. 

2018 Pedal The Plains Route

Day 1: Kiowa to Bennett
Distance: 41 miles
Elevation Gain: 472 feet
Off-the-Bike Events: Stay tuned

Day 2: Bennett to Limon, passing through Strasburg and Byers
Distance: 83 miles
Elevation Gain: 3,098 feet
Off-the-Bike Events: Stay tuned

Day 3: Limon to KIowa, passing through Simla, Calhan and Elbert
Distance: 76 miles
Elevation Gain: 2,880 feet
Off-the-Bike Events: Stay tuned

Learn more about the tour, including its Tread Lightly ethos.