Shop Farmers' Markets & Stores for Colorado-Made Goods

While you shouldn't eat these Colorado-made delights, they smell so good you might want to. Keep an eye out for these items at Colorado’s farm stores and farmers’ markets.

tents at colorado farmers market
Colorado Farmers' Market

Alpaca Wool

An animal that originated in the Andes Mountains of South America is perfectly acclimated to our high-altitude climate. Their wool is incredibly soft and warm — something we’re grateful for during the winter months. You can find alpaca yarn and hats, sweaters, scarves, socks and more made with it all over the state.

A Few Places to Find It:
• Estes Park Wool Market (June 9–12, 2022; workshops will be held June 9–10, while the market itself takes place June 11–12)
• Little Circle Farm Alpacas in Penrose (yarn skeins adorably come with the name and photo of the friendly alpaca it originated on)
Blazing Star Ranch in Englewood
• Gentle Spirit Farm in Wiggins

All-Natural Beauty Products

Creams, balms, sprays, essential oils, soaps and more — at this altitude, we gotta work to keep a moisturized, healthy glow. Many crafty artisans are turning raw local ingredients into luxurious substances we want to rub all over ourselves.

 A Few Faves:
• Calendula Creme from Green Earth Farm, made in small batches with many herbs grown on site in Saguache; find it at Whole Foods, Vitamin Cottage and other retailers who care about hydrating your skin.
• Elbert’s Naked Goat Farm: Buy their Baby Goat Body Cream and other soothing salves at the Cherry Creek Farmers’ Market in Denver.
• Little Moon Essentials in Steamboat Springs; we especially like the Sleep Comes Easy Pack and the terrifically named Tired Old Ass Cream.


Our dry, sunny climate is ideal for growing this versatile plant, and nearly 40 growers across the state are stocking us with dried bundles that are great for decoration or fragrant sachets, pillows and potpourris, as well as soothing lotions, creams and soaps made with lavender oils. (We should note that there are some forms you should eat — lavender wines, shortbreads and more are growing in popularity across the state.)

A Few Places to Find It:
 Colorado Lavender Festival in Palisade (June 24–26, 2022)
•  Farmers’ markets and food stands everywhere
•  Lamborn Mountain Farmstead in Paonia
•  St. Kathryn Cellars and High Country Orchards in Palisade
•  Dayspring Farm in Olathe (farm store open spring/summer)

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