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A personal gift from the King of Spain in the 1600s, the area surrounding this picturesque mountain town has emerged in the last few decades as a spiritual mecca for world religions. What began as a small mining town now accommodates a Hindu temple, a Zen center, a coed Carmelite monastery and several Tibetan centers.
Crestone Area Visitors Agency
PO Box 28
Crestone, Colorado 81131

Crestone is home to a diverse community of New-Agers, artists and outdoor enthusiasts. Experiments in alternative architecture complement the downtown art galleries that display local works ranging from wood creations to Tibetan arts. And since there's more than the average number of bodywork specialists in town, Crestone is a wonderful place to get a massage.

Lodging here comes in all forms —  from campgrounds and cabins to luxury vacation homes and cozy B&Bs. Surrounding forest areas make Crestone a good jumping-off point for hiking, horseback riding, fishing, hunting and birdwatching. Nearby 14,000-foot Crestone Peak and Crestone Needle are two of the most beautiful and most challenging mountains in Colorado. In addition to regular spiritual retreats, the annual Crestone Music Festival is one of the community's most popular summer events.

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