Franktown is a farm community tucked off the beaten path, south of Denver and east of Castle Rock.

In the 1800s Grange halls dotted many Western towns. While a number of halls have fallen into disrepair, this 19th-century political movement continues helping rural areas to this day. The local Grange is one of Franktown's most famous relics, lying just north of downtown. A historical marker at this 1908 structure explains this unique political and social farm club.

Franktown is a favorite stop for bikers of both the motorized and the fat-tire variety. The area also features Castlewood Canyon State Park. Carved out of the Black Forest, the park's landscape features sheer canyon walls, rolling trails and the remains of the century-old Castlewood Canyon Dam. Around the ruins lie miles of scenic hiking trails, numerous technical rock-climbing routes and excellent birding areas.