Grover is a classic eastern-Colorado grassland community. Located about 90 miles northeast of Denver, the small town features open spaces and ranches spread far and wide.

Downtown, guests will find a grocery and deli along with a quiet town park. Lodging is available at the RV facility or a local ranch bed and breakfast.

James Michener's Centennial made the Pawnee National Grassland enveloping this town famous. Grover remains an important stop for visitors to the grassland as well as for those traveling along the Pawnee Pioneer Trails scenic and historic byway, a 136-mile driving route through eastern Colorado. Along the route, the Pawnee Buttes rise more than 500 feet above the plains. Not only do the buttes provide scenic backdrops, but the whole trail also affords extensive opportunities for birdwatching. In fact, bird lovers have documented more than 250 species in the area. Extend your visit by reserving one of the area's managed campsites.

For a historical perspective on Grover's pioneer past, visit the Depot Museum, which weaves together Grover's tales of boom and bust. Once a prosperous city featuring multiple groceries, hotels, a newspaper, a school, a post office and an opera house, Grover's families and businesses finally moved away, first because of the Dust Bowl and later due to the departure of the local railroad.