This former mining town situated in the remote southwestern part of the state reveals much of a past life in Colorado, but it continues to make its way in the modern world. Historic buildings still dot the main street and many have been refurbished to house new businesses.

Quiet streetscene in Rico
Town of Rico
, Rico, CO 81332

A raw, rugged sense of old Colorado fills this town, and visitors who stay here will get a real sense of how things used to be. History buffs will find a goldmine in Rico. Buildings and relics from the mining boom of the 1880s remain in various conditions throughout town. In addition, there's an old depot and railroad grade along the Dolores River.

Several restaurants are sprinkled throughout downtown, and there's a motel and a few B&Bs in the area. For as small as it is, Rico also has a lively nightlife. Most notably, the Rico Theatre & Cafe offers live performances in another spruced-up turn-of-the-century structure.

Of course, the wonders of the great outdoors are available in every direction from Rico. From hiking in the Lizard Head Wilderness area to mountain biking along old mining roads and single-track trails over the pass to Telluride, there's plenty to explore outside the hotel room. Four-wheel driving along forest roads, fishing in the Dolores River, and hunting and backcountry skiing in the endless natural areas surrounding Rico are just a few more ways visitors can spend a day here.