Hidden on a county road outside the northern Colorado town of Greeley, Severance will forever be famous for perhaps the state most notorious edible product — the Rocky Mountain oyster.

While visitors will find these delicacies on some bold menus throughout Colorado, it remains certain that the home of the Rocky Mountain oyster is Severance.

So what is a Rocky Mountain oyster? That's for you to find out. Let's just say it's a particular part of a bull's anatomy dipped in a variety of spices and fried to perfection. After all, this is the heart of cattle ranching country. Since 1959 when owner Bruce Ruth began serving Rocky Mountain oysters, Bruce's Bar in Severance has been the place, according to the bar's motto, where the geese fly and the bulls cry.

In addition to its famous bar, Severance hosts several businesses and a few interesting historic buildings, including an old bar located across from Bruce's. David Edwin Severance of New Hampshire first founded the town site in 1881, and its starting to come into its own. As the town of Greeley grows, Severance is emerging as a bedroom community for the neighboring hub.