This small agriculture and ranching community close to the Kansas border in northeast Colorado grows more corn than any other county in the state.

Colorado's eastern plains are home to some of the nation's last remaining short-grass prairie
West Yuma County Chamber of Commerce

The importance of the land was never more clear than when Yuma was chosen as the Federal Agricultural Experiment Station site, where the government tested new methods of soil conservation. Today, you can see these cutting-edge technologies at the Yuma Irrigation Research Farm.

Each September, Yuma celebrates its farming history during Old Threshers Day. The folks who continue the Yuma farming tradition here demonstrate faming techniques, such as wheat threshing and corn husking.

The Yuma Historical Society Museum, open on weekends only, is located at Yuma Lake. Two buildings, including a two-room schoolhouse, display a range of artifacts, from farm tools to a of plaque early settlers' names. A windmill and railroad cabooses are open for inspection outside the museum.

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