Colorado Breweries

Boasting more than 400 craft breweries, Colorado is often deemed the country’s beer haven. But as seasoned beerologists can attest, it’s not about quantity — it’s about quality. Colorado beer is lovingly crafted by connoisseurs who aim to enhance the Centennial State’s natural beauty with a medley of unique flavors and aromas.


Delve into the culture with a brewery-hopping tour or scout out a hidden gem worth writing home about. Wherever you find yourself, you’re sure to meet great people and forge lifelong memories in some of the best breweries in Colorado.


To strike it rich in pursuit of the state’s finest liquid gold, check out our list of Colorado breweries.

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Grand Junction

Enjoy an All-Angus beef burger, fresh salad, or grilled chicken wrap either inside watching the brewers work or at a ...

Colorado Springs

We make our home inside Ivywild School, an historic former elementary school that was built in 1916 and transformed into ...