Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa

The most amazing water under Mother Earth, Durango Hot Springs Resort was created as an extension of what has always existed here in the incredible healing properties of the natural mineral hot springs. 

Formerly known as Trimble Hot Springs, new owners purchased the property in 2019 to restore and improve the hot springs facilities and spa while simultaneously embracing its colorful history. The resort has over 40 water features, 12 of which are ADA-accessible. The naturally mineral-rich water contains 32 minerals found in the human body — including lithium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium. The resort is the only hot springs in the world to add 1 trillion Nanobubbles of medical-grade oxygen to each liter of water. Durango Hot Springs also features a swimming pool, two cold plunges, five private cedar tubs, a concession garden, a reflexology path, plus expanded spa services.

Reservations are required. You find soaking rates and booking availability here. https://durangohotspringsresortandspa.com/