Bingham Hill Farms

Bingham Hill Farms,
3924 Bingham Hill Road,
Fort Collins, CO 80521

Bingham Hill Farms was started in 2000. We wanted to create a family business where we could do something we enjoy, being outdoors and working with our land. Teaching our children about how to work hard for something worthwhile will be a life long lesson. The tree farm has evolved from 1,300 trees in grow bags with spray stakes, to 10,000 trees, on 12 acres with 60 different varieties, in 10, 15 and 25 gallon growing containers. The fertilizing and watering are controlled by a computer program so we can monitor the exact amount each size and variety of tree receives. This makes for more consistent quality in our trees. I do hand select all the trees for each order. I encourage you to come hand select and tag your own trees if that is possible. I would enjoy the opportunity to show you the farm.