Mystic Mountain Distillery

Mystic Mountain Distillery,
11505 Spring Valley Road,
Larkspur, CO 80118

Mystic Mountain Distillery is nestled among the Buttes in the Larkspur Colorado area. Each recipe reflects the skill and passion of a man who has captured his many life experiences, travels from nearly every corner of the globe and a bit of family history into each bottle. The creation of the unique blends and recipes wasn't possible with without our master distiller creating his own copper still - all by hand. Once the still was in place, our distiller began perfecting an old family recipe for moonshine. The result is Mystic Mountain Distillery's "Rocky Mountain Moonshine Sippin' Hooch" and its success has led to creating exciting new recipes for several Vodkas, a Gin and now an award winning American Blended Bourbon Whiskey - Ace's High Bourbon Whiskey.