Leadville/Twin Lakes

A meandering road cuts through sunlight-dappled mountain scenery near Leadville and Twin Lakes.

As the highest incorporated city in North America, Leadville's Victorian beauty is is even more unique due to the high-elevation grandeur all around it. Just 100 miles east of Denver, it's accessed along with neighboring Twin Lakes on U.S. Hwy. 24 via the Top of the Rockies Scenic and Historic Byway

During Leadville's silver-boom heyday starting in 1879, adventurers from near and far flocked 2 miles high to seek riches and glamour in the high-elevation hotspot once considered for Colorado's capital. Adventurers still come year-round for its glorious outdoors activities, startling mountain landscape (including the state's highest fourteener) and historical main drag filled with dining, shopping and lodging options.

Want travel tips? Try traveling mid-week for open roads, always stick to the trails and dress in layers for high-elevation temperature swings no matter the season.

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Leadville/Twin Lakes