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More Than Meets The Eye

It can be tempting to snap multiple photos from slightly different angles. But in the Shutter Speed Limit Zone, we're asking you to put the camera down for a few minutes and examine the world through your eyes, not a viewfinder. By focusing on quality, not quantity, we believe your photography will be richer and more poignant.

Guide to Shutter Speed Limits

Shutter Speed Limits
Be In The Moment

Sometimes it takes putting the camera down to truly absorb what's going on around you. 

Shutter Speed Limits
Limit Your Photographs

Hone your craft and resist taking 100 shots, when one photo will tell the story just as well. 

Shutter Speed Limits
See More Than Meets The Eye

Properly experiencing the moment will imbue your photos with more meaning. 

Blanca Wetlands.
Frankie Spontelli

How To Mindfully Travel Around Mystic San Luis Valley

A local travel photographer embarked on a road trip around the San Luis Valley. The only catch: he had to limit the number of photos he could take along the way. Find out how this process changed his perspective on photography.

Where To Find Our Shutter Speed Limit Zones

Zapata Falls

Your camera may get wet, which is all the more reason to choose your shots wisely. The journey alone to Zapata is an adventure, but the rewards are unparalleled.  Limit: One photo per hour. Make it count! 

Cumbres Pass & Toltec Scenic RP
Cumbres Pass & Toltec Scenic RP

Give your camera a break and enjoy this historic train ride as it zig-zags across steep mountain canyons, high desert, and lush meadows. Limit: One photo every 10 miles.

Startgazing in Creede

It’s called stargazing, not star-photographing. Look upwards and let the night sky consume you, not the desire for the perfect shot. Limit: As night descends, one photo per hour. 

Joyful Journey Hot Springs
Joyful Journey Hot Springs

It’s all in the name: Joyful. And we can assure you it’ll be anything but if you spend all your time getting the best pic for Instagram. Limit: Only two photos – one before, one after. 

Uptop Historic District
UpTop Historic District

See the historical moments with your own eyes at UpTop Historic District, not through your viewfinder. Limit: One photo per historic site 

HIghway of Legends Scenic Byway
Highway of Legends Scenic Byway

Take the scenic route! Sit back and take in the sights, sounds and scenes – without reaching for your camera once. It’s harder than it sounds! Limit: Put your camera in the trunk to remove temptation to take photos every mile. Take one photo when you stop the car. 

Ventana Arch Aerial
La Ventana Arch

Intentionally limit yourself to a single photo per hour at this 40-foot arch. Take the time to study the marvel before deciding on the best angle. Limit: One photo per hour

Wolf Creek Pass
Wolf Creek Pass

You may feel tempted to take 100 photos here. Instead, keep your eyes on the road and limit photo time to viewpoints. Limit: One photo per overlook 

Old Spanish Trail landmark
Old Spanish Trail Landmark

Expand your perspective, not your memory card. As you travel, picture the traders who traveled between New Mexico and California in the 19th Century. Limit: One photo per mile

Fort Garland Museum and Cultural Center
Fort Garland Museum & Cultural Center

You won’t get a feel for our 19th-century military history with your face glued to your camera. Broaden your understanding using your eyes and ears instead. Limit: One photo per fact learned 

More Ways to a Million Dollar Shot

There’s more to San Luis Valley than what’s in frame. To grow as a photographer, live the conscientious photography principles with us by stepping back from the viewfinder and refocusing on the moment. 

Find out how you can take the challenge to make your photos more authentic, considered and meaningful.

Colorado Photo Preserves

When finding moments of beauty in Colorado, take additional care to ensure your practices leave no trace, so future generations can enjoy them for years to come

Filter Free Zones

Filters have no place here. Instead, let the authentic beauty of the moment shine through in these zones.

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Take a Photography Detox in Mystic San Luis Valley

What would happen if you asked an influencer to put down their camera while on the road? Well, we put this very challenge to a Denver photographer. Find out what he learned along the way.