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Colorado Snow Season Forecast

by Founding Meteorologist Joel Gratz
October 16th 2019


Wednesday should be sunny, Thursday will bring more clouds, then on Thursday night and Friday, we’ll see high-elevation snow with accumulations of 1-5 inches. Following a dry day on Saturday, a stronger and colder storm will bring snow from Saturday night through Monday midday with totals possibly greater than 6 inches.

Colorado Day 1-5 Forecasts
Oct 17
Oct 18
Oct 19
Oct 20
Oct 21
Arapahoe Basin, COFull Forecast0"0"0"0"0"1-3"1-2"1-2"0"0"
Aspen Highlands, COFull Forecast0"0"1-2"0"0"1-3"1-3"1-2"0"0"
Aspen Mountain, COFull Forecast0"0"1-3"0"0"1-3"1-3"1-2"0"0"
Beaver Creek, COFull Forecast0"0"1-3"0"0"2-4"1-2"1-2"0"0"
Berthoud Pass, COFull Forecast0"0"0"0"0"1-3"1-2"1-2"1-2"0"
Breckenridge, COFull Forecast0"0"0"0"0"1-3"1-3"1-2"0"0"
Buttermilk, COFull Forecast0"0"0"0"0"1-2"1-2"1-2"0"0"
Cameron Pass, COFull Forecast0"0"0"0"0"2-4"1-2"1-2"1-2"0"
Cooper, COFull Forecast0"0"0"0"0"1-3"1-3"1-2"0"0"
Copper Mountain, COFull Forecast0"0"0"0"0"1-3"1-2"1-2"0"0"
Crested Butte, COFull Forecast0"0"0"0"0"1-2"1-2"0"0"0"
Echo Mountain, COFull Forecast0"0"0"0"0"0"0"0"0"0"
Eldora, COFull Forecast0"0"0"0"0"1-2"1-2"0"0"0"
Hesperus, COFull Forecast0"0"0"0"0"0"0"0"0"0"
Irwin Catskiing by Eleven, COFull Forecast0"0"1-2"0"0"1-2"1-2"0"0"0"
Keystone, COFull Forecast0"0"0"0"0"1-3"1-2"1-2"1-2"0"
Loveland Ski Area, COFull Forecast0"0"0"0"0"2-4"1-3"1-2"1-2"0"
Monarch, COFull Forecast0"0"0"0"0"0"1-2"0"0"0"
Powderhorn, COFull Forecast0"0"0"0"0"1-2"0"0"0"0"
Purgatory, COFull Forecast0"0"0"0"0"0"0"0"0"0"
Rocky Mountain National Park, COFull Forecast0"0"0"0"0"1-2"1-2"1-2"0"0"
Silverton, COFull Forecast0"0"0"0"0"0"1-2"0"0"0"
Ski Granby Ranch, COFull Forecast0"0"0"0"0"1-2"1-2"1-2"0"0"
Snowmass, COFull Forecast0"0"1-3"0"0"1-3"1-2"1-2"0"0"
Steamboat, COFull Forecast0"0"1-2"0"0"2-4"1-2"1-2"0"0"
Sunlight, COFull Forecast0"0"0"0"0"1-2"1-2"0"0"0"
Telluride, COFull Forecast0"0"0"0"0"0"1-2"0"0"0"
Vail, COFull Forecast0"0"1-3"0"0"2-4"1-3"1-2"0"0"
Winter Park, COFull Forecast0"0"0"0"0"1-3"1-2"1-2"1-2"0"
Wolf Creek, COFull Forecast0"0"0"0"0"0"0"0"0"0"

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