Baca County

Baca County,
741 Main Street,
Springfield, CO 81073

Baca County lies in the crossroads of the west. Many major historic events happened in the area to make it a part of one of the richest areas of history in the United States. Visit sites of the Santa Fe Trail, Dust Bowl, WPA, Homesteaders, early ranching, modern traditional ranching, and Indian Heritage.

At Two Buttes check out the small town and then drive to the Two Buttes Reservoir where the dam was finished without mechanization in 1909. Hike around the colorful cliffs and swim in the Black Hole. There is also a museum with tons of history on the Two Buttes area.

The area around Walsh is rich in history and agriculture. In the Walsh community is Turks pond which offers fishing and birding as well as places to eat. Take a drive in remote southeast Baca County to see the area where the Santa Fe Trail ran along the Cimarron Cutoff.

In Springfield, the county seat, look for historic buildings, gift shops, motels, pool, theatre with digital surround sound and two parks for your convenience. Also, visit the Baca County Museum in the Resource Center on Main Street. Vilas also houses a unique small museum in a historic building that is open for visitors with a call to the museum operator.

The communities of Campo and Pritchett both have access to the canyon lands in S.W. Baca County. Picture Canyon and Carrizo Canyon are a part of the Commanche National Grasslands and offer approximately 30 miles of hiking trails, campgrounds, petroglyphs, many historical sites and a unique equinox light event in Picture Canyon. Visit the Forest Service office on the south side of Springfield information and a book store. If you end up in the S. W. corner of Baca County, continue your drive west on County Road M for a chance to glimpse Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep in Cottonwood Canyon.

Baca County also boasts over 400 species of migratory birds throughout the year and offers many transitional riparian areas for birding and wildlife viewing. For a unique historical perspective of the area, pick up a pamphlet at the Town of Springfield. The self-guided tour brings to life the dustbowl and great depression as you discover some of the majestic WPA sites that are housed in Baca County. Take a chance, put down your map and get off the highway. You'll be amazed at what you never knew existed in the rich heritage and ecosystems of the canyons and plains of southeast Colorado.