Updated: 6/26/2015

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• As the highest paved road in North America, Mount Evans Road rises to a height of 14,130 feet above sea level (learn about all 58 14ers here). Many clouds don't even make it that high, but you can. Begin your trip in the historic mining town of Idaho Springs. While the Argo Gold Mine and Mill that's part of the area's mining past no longer functions or supplies gold, it does provide tours. You can also check out the town's past at the Idaho Springs Heritage Museum.

• The town is also known for the natural hot spring pools at Indian Springs Resort, which is a great place to relax road-weary muscles after your trip.

A wildlower basin along the Mount Evans Scenic Byway near Idaho Springs, CO
Mountain goats scale Mount Evans near Idaho Springs, CO
The view from the top of Mount Evans' scenic byway near Idaho Springs, CO

• From town, travel south on CO Hwy. 103 to the junction of CO Hwy. 5, the entrance to Mount Evans Road. Groves of pine trees first greet you on this section, but gradually give way once timberline is breeched. Riding along the exposed mountainside yields magnificent views of glacier-cut valleys and a seemingly endless horizon of sharp, rocky peaks.

• Mountain goats and bighorn sheep often graze roadside and are accustomed enough to visitors in the area that they'll usually lazily stare back at you as you snap a picture. Trees aren't the only things you leave behind along this route — the guardrails also disappear up here, so use caution as you traverse the switchbacks to the top.

Portions closed in winter? Yes (from Echo Lake to the Mount Evans summit)
Distance: 49 miles
Suggested Time: Allow 2 hours

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Photos: Mount Evans, mountain goats on Mount Evans, views from Mount Evans.