Willowtail Springs Lakeside Cabins

Willowtail Springs Lakeside Cabins,
10451 Road 39,
Mancos, CO 81328

Willowtail Springs has a gallery on site featuring a variety of paintings, sculpture and hand cast paper, mixed media, drawings, pastels and other work from the artist resident on site and from the many residents in the arts who work here.

Art is displayed on several large sliding walls, 8' x 10'.  Viewing can be done from comfortable chairs in a beautiful large space, the Treehouse Gallery, in the heart of the gardens.

We also have a working studio for artists who want a studio space to work as well as their cabin, during a stay.

There are galleries in Mancos as well which is ten minutes from Willowtail and in Durango at multiple galleries and the Durango Art Center.